Why Video is king On Social Media

Most social media marketers know that video is on the rise. Whether through explicit research data, or a vague sense gleaned from scrolling one’s own News Feed, it’s no secret that video is having a bit of a moment. The rulers are Facebook and YouTube Whether you’re actively socializing on YouTube or just watching random content. It’s pretty safe to say there are millions of people who see it differently to you. It’s not just a social network, and it’s not just a video hosting site.
Why Video is king On Social Media

It’s an enormous sea of information and entertainment run by everyday kids, entertaining weirdos, people teaching stuff, brands and everyone in between. YouTube crossed 1 Trillion hits in 2011 which means 140 views per person alive on earth. YouTube has signed over 10,000 advertising partners to date, including Disney, Turner, Univision and Channel 4 and Channel 5. Thousands of partners are making six figures a year. Currently, there are over a million members of the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

The new big THING are Facebook native video. This refers to videos that are created within or uploaded directly to Facebook, and auto-play within the News Feed. With all the challenges to Facebook organic reach that small business marketers have faced in recent years, this is incredibly important to note. While it might seem cumbersome to upload your videos separately on each platform, it’s key to getting the most engagement and exposure to do so.

Also, Facebook offers robust analytics for native videos that can help you refine your strategy and learn about your audience. 76% of U.S. users say they tend to discover new videos on Facebook. One of the reasons why some content creators stay away from Facebook video is that they cannot monetise Facebook video like they can on YouTube.

Facebook intends to change this and has now announced the plan to share the revenue with creators. Just like on YouTube 55% of the revenue will go to the creator, Facebook will keep the rest. Soon content creators will have the revenue share on top of the access to the large Facebook audience and the 4 billion daily views. This will remove the last hurdle and there won’t be many more excuses left for you to ignore native video format on Facebook.

On the surface, Facebook Live is a basic feature that offers live-streaming video capabilities to users. By tapping the live stream icon, you can start broadcasting video live from your smartphone, and write an optional description for the event. Any users following you will have the ability to “tune in” to the broadcast. At the end of the video, you can tap “finish” to complete the video, at which point it will be posted as a permanently available feature on your timeline. This offers you live streaming also, this is a new concept.

At over one billion users, YouTube has over a third of the entire population of the Internet as users. That creates quite a diverse, multicultural melting pot of activity! YouTube says over 80% of views were from outside the US. YouTube usage is tremendous. YouTube videos of length around 500 years are watched every single day on Facebook. Be it youtube or Facebook, we can undoubtedly say that video is the king. Videos help you interact directly witht he customers and audience. Go Video”ing”!!